Convert .po to .mo

PO files (Portable Object files) are gettext based files which consist of multiple entries holding the relation between original untranslated strings and their correpsonding translations. Entries usually belong to one project only, while the translations are expressed in a single target language.
.mo files are .po files made binary with msgfmt.

Need a user-friendly, online solution to localize a website, app, or other software?

POEditor is a scalable translation management system and localization platform for the entire localization team. Facilitating real-time collaboration and workflow automation, POEditor is the perfect productivity tool to get rid of redundant tasks and achieve continuous localization.
Supported localization files include: Flutter ARB, CSV, INI, Key-Value JSON, Gettext PO and POT, Java Properties, .NET Resources, Qt TS, Apple Strings, iOS XLIFF, XLIFF 1.2, Angular XLIFF, Angular XMB, Rise 360 XLIFF, Excel XLS and XLSX, Android String Resources, YAML.